Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Santander Trade Club?

The Santander Trade Club was born with from the idea of putting into contact with each other, Santander business customers in 15 countries, with the goal of expanding their business overseas. Today we are enriching the experience by creating an Alliance with trusted partner banks worldwide, so that you can get in contact with their customers and grow your business even more.

2. What benefits could I get from being part of the community?

The Club offers you valuable introductions to potential partners abroad. The platform matching algorithm and the Community Manager propose your company business opportunities tailored to your business interests. From these opportunities, or through or member Directory, you can get in touch directly with more than 15,000 worldwide business counterparts also interested in growing their business abroad. Moreover, foreign entrepreneurs open to doing business can contact you.

3. Why is Santander offering this service?

Santander wants to help their business customers do business internationally without worries or fuss. This starts with finding the right partners abroad. The Santander Trade Club provides you with valuable introductions to entrepreneurs who, just like you, are on the lookout for commercial opportunities. In addition Santander offers other services to accompany your expansion

  • Santander Trade Portal, to find import/export resources, database and country information
  • Santander Trade Webinars, to learn more about international trade tips and stay alert on market opportunities
  • Santander Trade Network, to look for market entry services, choose the right provider and manage your expansion project

4. Do I have to pay to use the services of Santander Trade?

No, the use of the Santander Trade websites is free of charge.

Use of the platform

5. How do I register to the Santander Trade Club?

To register to the Santander Trade Club you need to be a Santander bank customer and have an active Santander Trade Account.

6. How do my colleagues gain access to the Santander Trade Club?

Once registered on Santander Trade and with your company business card created, you can invite up to 5 colleagues through your user account settings. Your colleagues will then receive an invitation email with a personal code to create their own Santander Trade Account and then register to the Club themselves, joining your existing company’s Business Card.

Important notice : Upon inviting a colleague, they become attached to your company profile and Business card; meaning that they can through the Club send message(s) on behalf of your company, respond to messages received for your company and change your Business Card information. Therefore it is important to make sure you exclusively invite employees of your business.

7. Is the information I enter into the platform secure?

Santander and the website provider handle your details with care. Sound security measures are implemented. The platform belongs to our partner Export Enterprises. The data are stored on servers in Europe, not in the United States.

8. What is the main language on the platform?

The Santander Trade Club is available in English, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. The platform’s users are spread all over the world and for that reason the main language on the platform is English. We therefore recommend you to complete the text fields in your Business Card in English. This will increase your chances of being found and contacted by other entrepreneurs. Also, compose messages to foreign entrepreneurs in English, or in your contact’s home language. Your Community Manager speaks English.

9. What is allowed or not allowed on the platform?

You can read more about the rules of conduct and standards on the platform in the terms of use. uUsers must behave respectfully to each other. It is not, for example, permitted to spam other users, or to copy content without permission. Access to the Santander Trade Club will be withdrawn from users who do not adhere to the rules or who misuse the platform.

10. Could I be spammed or stalked if I am on the platform?

No, this kind of behaviour is strictly prohibited. Therefore each user may only send up to ten messages per day. Moreover, all messages are monitored by the Community Manager in order to supervise compliance with the rules of conduct and to ensure a high quality of communication. If you are approached in an undesirable way, please report this to the Community Manager.

11. What can the Community Manager do for me?

Your Community Manager is your contact point for:

  • Requests for matchmaking. On your request, he/she will find suitable trading partner(s) for you.
  • Tips and help with completing your Business Card, to make sure you receive the best matches from the platform and to ensure that your business card is easily located in the directory and stands out to other users.
  • Questions about the operation of the platform, how to interact with other members, search tips, etc.

12. How do I remove my Club membership?

On the platform, go to ‘Contact the Community Manager’ or ‘User assistance’. Here you may directly submit a request to your Community Manager to remove your Club membership and/or your company’s business card.

Matchmaking and business opportunities

13. How do I ensure that I receive the best matches and that I am easily found by other members on the platform?

Success on the platform begins with completing your Business Card as well and completely as possible. This allows both the Community Manager and our matchmaking algorithm to propose you the most relevant suggestions to find new commercial partners. When completing your Business Card, think about the following:

  • Use the text fields to describe what your business has to offer and what you are looking for; write preferably in English
  • Define your business value proposal activities (importer, exporter, agent, trader, distributor, etc.)
  • Enter your products as accurately as possible using 4 or 6 digit HS code
  • Add your company’s logo and any other promotional material (documents, pdf, PPT, videos, etc.)

14. How do I find the right business partners?

There are various ways of finding a business counterpart:

  • Browse the Opportunities list, where you’ll find potential business suggestions selected for you by the system, the Community manager and/or your Relationship Manager at Santander Bank
  • Ask the Community Manager to search for personalized suggestions for your company
  • Browse the Members Directory and search by your own criteria
  • You can also be approached by others. Just by putting your company profile on the Club, you are already showing that you are open for contact

15. I have found a company that I am interested in contacting. What now?

The best thing is for you to approach the business by sending a message via the platform. By using the platform, you are ensuring that your message will reach the correct person within the company. If there is mutual interest, you will receive a reply and you can make further arrangements from there.

16. How reliable are the business partners I meet on the platform?

The businesses on the Santander Trade Club are clients of renowned international active banks. However, we recommend that you always do prior research on your counterpart companies to guarantee the safety of your transactions. Santander shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to damages for loss of goods, property, profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses.

17. I have found a trading partner on the Santander Trade Club – how do I know whether he will deliver or pay?

Besides your own sound research and your business risk, there are various instruments to cover the risks of international commerce. You can ask your branch director of Santander.

18. How do I deal with a business partner from a different culture?

You can find more information about the country you are dealing withinthe resources of the Santander Trade Portal at:

These resources provide insights into the culture of a particular country, and the habits that you will have to take into account when entering into business. You will also find practical information about, for example, trading, taxes and investment opportunities.

19. I have unfortunately not found any suitable matches on the Santander Trade Club– what can I do now?

Besides the Santander Trade Club, Santander proposes other online services to find the right business partner:

  • The Santander Trade Portal is a website which proposes online services, resources and databases to help you find the right target market and business opportunities. At you can find: importers/exporters databases, worldwide supplier database, business directories, online marketplaces, professional associations, public and private tenders, etc.
  • The Santander Trade Network is a website proposing market entry services to better know your target markets and organize your expansion to them. At you will find such services as market research, communication and marketing plan, commercial agenda, showroom, international trade fairs, virtual office, business meeting space, visa & immigration, recruitment, etc. Post your service request, choose your favourite offer and follow up with your expansion project through the project management tool.